Usborne Publishing

Dear Councillor Jones,

Usborne Publishing is one of the largest children’s publishers in the UK, and is located in Farringdon, London.

We work to be a cycling-friendly organisation and a number of our over 200 employees cycle to work each day.    We support all and any public cycling facility developments to make their commute safer.

To this end, we have welcomed the two way cycling paths trial around Tavistock and Torrington Place.  The previous arrangement – where cyclists were travelling in opposite directions along a single channel was overcrowded and dangerous.  The route is used heavily by cyclists at rush hour and the existing scheme didn’t serve their numbers safely.

I write in strong support of the scheme allowing two separate cycle lanes to remain in place after the trial.

Nicola Usborne

Deputy Managing Director

Usborne Publishing

83-85 Saffron Hill

London EC1N 8RT