Dear Councillor Jones,

I am writing on behalf of SOAS University of London to express support for the new road arrangements on Tavistock Place and Torrington Place. The changes to Tavistock Place and Torrington Place cycle lanes are currently providing a safer means of cycling to and from the campus, as well as creating a more pedestrian-friendly environment.

SOAS is a major institution in the Borough of Camden, with more than 5,000 students and 1000 staff members. A large number of our community chooses to cycle to campus. In a survey we conducted last year, [] we learned that more would cycle if they were improvements in cycling provision.

We recognise that the scheme also has wider benefits such as helping to improve air quality, ensuring the roads are safer for pedestrians to cross, and creating a pleasant environment to work and study. This initiative may also stimulate an impetus to wider road improvements in the environs around our Bloomsbury campus.

We will continue to encourage our students and staff to share their feedback with Camden Council to help shape the final layout of this scheme. SOAS welcomes the Tavistock Place and Torrington Place road improvements and is committed to working closely with Camden Council on this and other environmental initiatives.

Yours sincerely

Valerie Amos

Director, SOAS University of London