Support the scheme

Camden Council’s now permanent layout in Tavistock Place and Torrington Place has doubled the space for cycling and greatly reduced motor traffic to the benefit of all who live, work and study in the vicinity. These improvements, together with others from Camden and Transport for London are addressing important issues for Londoners. You can take action to ensure that it remains safe (with eastbound motor traffic) .


Many local employees and students cycle to work and college. They deserve appropriate infrastructure. The option to cycle to work safely and conveniently influences the  job choices of more than half of employees. (Cycling and the Modern WorkPlace, PDF)

Reduced public transport congestion

580,000 journeys are made by bike in London every day. Increasing this number will continue to reduce congestion on crowded tubes and bus routes, especially at peak times. That means we can all get more done.

Healthy lifestyles

Londoners work hard and are short of time.  Fitting exercise into our daily commutes makes for healthier, more productive teams.

A world class city

In recent years, major world cities like New York, Copenhagen and Paris have used cycling facilities to improve their citizens’ lives. This is London’s chance to do the same.

Our environment

We love this city. We want to be able to walk through or to linger on its streets. Poor air quality and noise pollution affect businesses as well as residents.

Supporting retailers

Pedestrians  and cyclists and spend more money in local retailers than drivers do. Increasing cycling will help support the small businesses that help our city to thrive. (The Pedestrian Pound, PDF)