Report on a Survey on reactions to the Tavistock Place Trial

In our survey in Byng Place on 10th December 2015, we interviewed 68 people; the vast majority arrived on foot and the vast majority were under 60.

Of this group a little over half (37/68) said that they never cycle in central London.

When asked whether they agree with how road space in Tavistock Place has been reallocated to provide space for cycling, we found 100% support from those who sometimes cycle in central London; and 86% (32/37) support from those who never cycle in central London.

Of the group surveyed, the vast majority (57/68) said they never drive a car or van in central London. The remaining 11 said they drive up to twice a week.

In relating support to the frequency of driving, we found 96% support from people who never drive a car or van in central London; and 73% from those who drive occasionally.

We also asked if this change means that some journeys by motor vehicle in the area would take longer, would that make any difference to your view?

We found that the possibility that the scheme might make some car journeys longer produced more responses in the ‘Don’t support’ and ‘Don’t know’ categories. But we found that support is still very high, at 84%, even if the changes may delay motor vehicles. Only five people were opposed to the scheme, the other six saying “don’t know”.

Regarding whether painted lanes or kerb separation might encourge people to try cycling, we found that  some measure of infrastructure, such as kerb separation,  might encourage people to try cycling. More frequent cyclists were less likely to feel that white lines afforded much safety and the majority felt that kerb separation gave them better protection.

Report and Survey