Nuffield Foundation

Dear Councillor Jones,

I am writing to you in relation to the new Tavistock/Torrington Place cycling scheme.  The Nuffield Foundation is a charitable foundation based close by in Bedford Square where we have been for over twenty years.  We support research in education and social policy.  We also host the Nuffield Council on Bioethics.

Consistent with the general pattern in London, a significant number of our employees cycle to work and to meetings on a daily or regular basis.  There are others who would cycle to and from the office and during the day to meetings if they felt that doing so were safer than it currently is.

We also have a large number of visitors to the building for meetings, seminars and conferences and a small, significant and growing number of these cycle to be with us.

As well as valuing the safety, health and active lifestyles of our employees and visitors we also note strong evidence that cycling lowers air and noise pollution levels.  I should also mention that we belong to the 10/10 initiative to reduce our carbon footprint.

Everyone I have spoken to who uses the Tavistock/Torrington Place trial cycling scheme has thought it to be a superb arrangement.  I myself use it at least twice a day and judge it to be the best stretch of cycle route in the whole of London.

We believe the scheme to be excellent for us, for the local area and for London more generally.  We very much hope that the scheme will be retained long-term and indeed that it will be used as a model for many other areas.

Very best wishes

Josh Hillman

Josh Hillman

Acting Director and Director of Education

Nuffield Foundation

28 Bedford Square

London  WC1B 3JS