Hotel Creative Ltd.

Dear Councillor Jones,

Hotel Creative is a leading Design agency based in Soho.

Like many businesses in London, a growing number of our 30 employees cycle to work. An even larger proportion of our team would cycle to the office if they felt comfortable and safe on the roads.

We value their safety and we want to promote active lifestyles for all our employees. We support their freedom to choose how they get to work. We also note strong evidence that more cycling increases spending in local retail businesses and lowers air pollution levels.

The excellent provision for cycling in the Tavistock/Torrington Place trial scheme will help us attract and retain the employees our business needs to continue to thrive. They will also make London a more attractive city in which to build and run our business.

The scheme is, on balance,  excellent for our business and for London.  Please ensure that it is retained.

Kind regards,

Nick Griffiths

Hotel Creative Ltd.

5th Floor, 100 Oxford Street

London W1D 1LL

020 7287 5020

077 2588 4604