Dear Councillor Jones,

I am writing to you, as Head of HR at Engine, to express our companies’ support for the continuation of the new Tavistock/Torrington Place cycle scheme.

Engine is a marketing services network with offices in the UK, Europe, China, and America. We first formed in London in 2005. Our 800 London staff have been based in Fitzrovia on Great Portland Street since 2008.

We have a very strong culture of cycling at Engine. Over 180 people have taken part in our cycle to work scheme and we provide secure parking for over 150 cyclists every day, as well as showers and changing facilities.

Many of our cyclists use the route along Tavistock/Torrington Place to get to and from our office. The improved safety of the new scheme is very valuable to us. Better, safer cycling infrastructure leads to higher take up of cycling, which has two major benefits to us as an employer. Firstly it improves the health and well-being of our employees. Secondly, improved cycling infrastructure and the provision of facilities and related benefits helps us attract and retain the talent that we depend on to thrive and grow.

Cycling is good for our business and good for London and we believe that the Tavistock/Torrington Place scheme is too.

Please give strong support to the continuation of the scheme and making it a permanent feature of our neighbourhood.

Best wishes,


Helen Alton || Head of Human Resources ||