Continental Stores

September 2017. We did not manage to speak to this business before the consultation process but have recently made contact and they are very keen that their views should be presented to the Inquiry, as follows:

Letter in Support of cycle lane trail along Tavistock and Torrington Place

Dear Councillor Jones,

Our support for the Torrington Place / Gordon Square / Tavistock Place cycling scheme

 We are writing in support of the recent trial cycle lanes along Torrington Place, Gordon Square and Tavistock Place.

 We opened our second shop at the ‘Continental Stores’ site on Tavistock Place in 2014. We are an independent coffee shop serving coffees, brunches, sandwiches, cakes and pastries. Our other shop is on Store St.

 The arrival of the Tavistock Place cycle scheme has been of great benefit to our business. It has made the shop more attractive for people to sit, especially outside, as the street is now so much calmer and less polluted. The steady stream of cyclists also creates a lively street scene, far more so than a stop-go traffic jam.

 A significant proportion of our customers are cyclists who stop by the shop as they travel through the area. In addition, we use the cycle track every day to deliver food from our kitchen, which is here on Tavistock Place, to our other shop on Store St. We use a freight bike to make these deliveries, which are now much easier and safer to carry out.

 We do receive some deliveries by vehicle, but we have had no problems with these, after the drivers had quickly learnt the routes they need to take once the one-way system had been introduced.

 One improvement we would like to suggest is to provide more bike parking facilities on this part of Tavistock Place. The current bike stands are frequently full and customers find it difficult to find somewhere to lock their cycles.

 Overall, the cycle scheme has significantly improved the attractiveness of this neighbourhood for our business, and we very much wish it to be retained.

 Your sincerely,

Mohamed Jelali, General Manager

Continental Stores,

54 Tavistock Place, WC1H 9RG